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What is the best watchdog for your @mailbox?

Is it me?

Is it me?

Is it me?


“Protect your company from scam attacks and at the same time free your employees from unproductive spam messages. More security at lower costs, yes that is possible!”

This situation causes high costs, is extremely dangerous and can easily be minimized!

The daily in-box nightmare 

Besides of important email messages, too often news arriving, which are just bothering or dangerous. Email filters are useful, but not the solution. Whether important issues get lost in the spam-folder, or threats enter the inbox. That must not happen!

Spam-X is the smarter solution:

Our [email protected] method (PCT application pending) works different: Instead of feeding the Spam-folder with something potential dangerous, we show up all messages from unknown senders in a safe preview.

  • No spam-folder = no mails get trapped
  • No spam-folder = nothing to surveil
  • No spam-folder = no useless content fills storage
  • Instant safe preview for unknown objects
  • Spontaneous decision whether it is important or spam
  • Activation or blocking of unknown senders based on decision above

So why not solve the problem right away? All you need is the right perspective!

Account view & Safe Preview: 

As the [email protected] method is something, you never seen before, you might be curious, how a safe preview looks like. On the left side image, we show, how the Outlook folder displays, while on the right side you see the mail content view.

  • Registered senders are just like normal and untouched
  • Unknown senders’ messages are in preview mode, therefore:
  • Subject line is highlighted as flagged or stared
  • Subject line starts with X-RAY
  • Subject line shows senders’ address in [brackets]
  • Subject line ending by assistant name as authorization proof

Download your free SOLO Trial-version

Test a free 30-days version to check all functionalities. If you like the product, order your license key for a one time fee of US$ 9.90  at any time.

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“While spam filters lull the user into supposed security, [email protected] shows all potential threats. This keeps the user in constant attention!”

There are many good reasons, to optimize your risk management! Check out these features.

Spam-X solo PRO Features & Functions:

  • 5 independent Email accounts
  • Each with individual mode settings
  • Paid Message Mode
  • Monitor Mode
  • Break mode (for bypassing downloads etc.)
  • Unique forwarding of selected senders message to a secret account
  • Radar-Dashboard to manage contacts
  • Self-learning Auto-blocking function
  • Remote (via email client) Active/Block setting
  • X-RAY: Risk-free real content monitoring
  • Multi-languages Responder templates
  • US$ and € Currencies options

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Free 30-days trial-version

Buy your license key at any time for a 9.90 US$ one-time fee


“Paid email? Never heard of it? Curtain up for a world premiere. Discover the new way to avoid spam!”

Time for our world premiere: ” Paid Email “

What is this about? 

How can somebody ask for money to deliver an Email??? Never heard about. No, who on earth will pay for that!

Emails are free always! Really? Why, what is the reason for?

“Everybody is used to put a stamp on a letter, for centuries, and it was never questioned”.

“If you think that your message is important to arrive at the addressee. Wouldn’t you pay?”

Spam-X realized that unique feature, for the very first time!

If somebody send you an email and the account mode is in Responder, that sender will get a payment advice back. If he/she pays a small delivery fee by PayPal, the mail will be delivered to the addressee. That easy!

  • No spam – because Spammer do not pay for mails!
  • No scam – because Scammer do not pay for mails!
  • No ads – because Advertiser expect to deliver for free!
  • Only important mails from unknown senders will arrive
  • Multi language payment templates to select
  • Multi currencies to select

This Feature could be personalized for private or business solutions. Please ask for details!


“Spam-Filters or no Spam-Filters. That is the question. But, there are two options on the market only!”

Let’s check out the PROS and CONS!

Still think that Spam-Filter are more effective? Why not have a trial to find it out?

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Free 30-days trial-version

Buy your license key at any time for a 9.90 US$ one-time fee


“Ready to recap the amazing [email protected] solution?”

A safe Mail-Presenter & Auto-Blacklisting device!

Spam-X is NOT a Spam-Filter! As there are tons of filter solutions on the market, our intention was to create something new, something different: We invented Spam-X, the world’s first Email agent. It provides the user a personal assistant, presenting only but all unknown senders’ messages in a Safe Preview. If the message is not for you, just ignore or delete it. That same sender will be blocked with its 3rd approach automatically, and the inbox keeps clean and tidy!

Curious, how a Safe Preview looks like?

Just click the button below, that opens an email application. Just send a mail or forward any colorful HTML mail to the receivers’ address. That will return same message as a preview. 

Safe preview visual safety attributes:

  • Subject line has a unique design with clear indicators
  • Subject line is authorized by assistant name
  • Subject line shows up the senders’ email account
  • Subject line is highlighted by flag/star means

Enterprise: These Business units paying out!

Customers reviews

Spam-X application is installed in my artworks' office. Great, that I enjoy the benefits not on my PCs only, it even managed my iPhone mail client simultaneously! Very helpful in my everyday business.
Ralf W.
This app is amazing. I'm a tax counselor and installed it on my office print-server. My staff feel much safer, as they are alert for any unknown senders messages.
Horst L.
Wow, could not imagine that such a smart idea works at all! But that is really smart thinking. Well done.
Paul Mils
I'm working with my team in our sourcing office in Copenhagen, using this application for a while. A great way to get your mailbox clean and tidy. It looks strange on the first glance but works well.
Claus A.

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