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What is Spam-X all about?

A Safe Mail-Presenter & Auto-Blacklisting device

Spam-X is NOT a Spam-Filter! As there are tons of filter solutions on the market, our intention was to create something new, something different: We invented Spam-X, the world’s first eMail agent. It provides the user a personal assistant, presenting only but all unknown senders’ messages in a Safe Preview. If the message is not for you, just ignore or delete it. That same sender will be blocked with its 3rd approach automatically, and the inbox keeps clean and tidy!

If you like to check a Safe Preview, you can send an email by below button and the account assistant will answer with a preview (please forward some kind of HTML content like an advertising mail to get the right impression).

Spam-Filter Solutions vs Spam-X

Let's visualize the differences

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Spam-X eMail Agent - Direct controlled

Free version of Spam-X Solo​

Start a detailed function test with the 30-day full version. You can keep / upgrade for a one time payment of US $ 9.90 at any time

Spam-X Solo PRO​

The PRO version has full features with Responder and X-Ray mode, while the free version works in Responder mode only​