I don’t like spam.

And honestly, I hate scams.

And you?

"So here is what you looking for!"

The very normal crazy

Spam-filters and friends trying their best, to keep you safe...

SX-Controller. Smart & Simple.

You control by your own and like magic, what you accept in your inbox, and what not!

"Any more questions? Just get an idea: We invite you to a 30-day free trial!"

No installtion – just registration! Now it’s so super easy. Promised!

1. Request the application and follow the link invitation to log in

2. Make up your own password and click register, confirm your e-mail and log in

3. Enter the desired accounts and it starts with a welcome message in the mailbox.

That’s all. For real!

Please note: The trial version is a full application at zero price with a duration of 30 days. When you order, you go through the usual check-out, but there is no need to enter any payment or credit card information! The only important thing is the email address for the access link.

SPAM-X Cloud15 Europa

30 days protection

Your personal mailbox controller, securely installed in the Microsoft Azure cloud in Europe.

30-day trial version for 15 accounts, for free!

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Symbolic comparison of inbox content, with and without SX controller

Without SX-Controller

With SX-Controller

Customers comparing

The NEW Spam-X Cloud application is a big step ahead. Not that it is just so easy to register and handle now, the new features like direct block of whole Spammer URLs are amazing. That keeps the bad noise completely out at the mail-door! Less filled up waste bins means saving resources!
Ralf W.
This new Cloud solution is a great idea. I like most, that it is not shared with other users, as it is the standard of other providers. Having an isolated APP provides me a good portion of safety, as I’m the only one to access and my dashboard and according to the developer, each APP has the luxury of an own database! No cross-shared data in a common store. Great, especially for that price!
Horst L.
Das ist Fortschritt pur! Keine Installation, schnelle Einrichtung und super Funktionen. Was will man mehr? Dazu eine günstige Lösung und als Deutscher kann ich mir auch meinen Speicher innerhalb Europas auswählen. Dann die erstaunlich einfache Hantierung und Funktion über alle meine Geräte. Automatisches blockieren unerwünschter Absender und einfaches aktivieren von wichtigen Kontakten. Einfach „magisch“!
Sven S.
After having some good times with the Spam-X installer version, I was curious about the CLOUD solution. Wow, what a comfort now. No inhouse hardware is needed means no limits by operation systems and always on equipment. Of course, there are no issues with software installation either. It runs smooth and I love the new features. BTW: The prices really user friendly.
Claus A.

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